The word dhruv means firm or strong and appropriately defines the strong leadership we bring to the hotel management industry as both owners and developers. It is at our heart and it is our pulse. It is experience which allows us to create exceptional results.

Management Services

Hotel Management

We believe in TQM - total quality management from the top down to the bottom. An efficiently managed hotel is a successful one. Our seasoned team will assist you in day to day management to reach your goals of customer satisfaction.

Hotel Investments

With over 40 hotels in our burgeoning portfolio, Dhruv’s unparalleled expertise and experience means we know how to ferret out a good investment for high net worth individuals or small investment groups searching for good rate of returns and a good cashflow.

Hotel Advisory

In an ever-changing market, you need the right navigation as the right advice leads to the right decisions. Our overarching goal is profit maximization, risk minimization and sustainable growth.